2012 Garden Competition Presentations

Photos courtesy of Emily Flynn Photography


Trophies & Prizes







Committee Chairperson, Norma Bowen

Brian Battersby, Moreton Bay Region Councillor

Dale Shuttleworth, Member for Ferny Grove

Peter Dutton, Member for Dickson

Norma Bowen, Chairperson with Ninetta Howie (committee member)


Grand Champion

Unfortunately, Siobhan couldn't be with us on the day, but here's a photo of the trophy.

President's Trophy

Laura & Julian Creagh (and Bill Stomfay, FHPA)

Waterwise Winners

Don & Elizabeth Stapleton

M Buterin

Acreage Winners

Buterin family


Hugh and Marion Geddes

Permanent Garden Winners

Tim and Amanda Steer

Ninetta Howie

Back Yard Winners

Marie Ellis

Christine Bullimore

Aubrey Chilcott


Native Garden Winner

Laura and Julian Creagh


New Entry Garden Winners

Veronica Hossinger

Aubrey Chilcott

Edible Garden Winners

Aubrey Chilcott

Coleman family

Meritorious Garden Winners

Lynton Guy


Ross & Robyn Ellerman

Mary Murphy

Jenny Horton