2016 Garden Competition

The Hills District Garden Competition is open to all residents of Arana Hills, Everton Hills, Ferny Hills and Bunya.

 New and recycled committee members are always welcome - please email us at gardencomp@fhpa.org.au if you are able to assist in any way.


Launch - 10am Saturday, 4th June

Entries Close - Wednesday, 14th September

Judging - Sunday, 18th September

Presentations - 2pm Sunday, 9th October

All Entrants should have received a card which will allow them to claim an 8% discount on gardening items at:

Arana Hills Hardware, 2 Patricks Rd, Arana Hills



If you have entered but not received a card by the end of July, please email secretary@fhpa.org.au.


Please note that, by entering, you give permission for us to publish photos of your garden and limited personal information. Only your surname and suburb are published on this website with photos of your garden. Prize winners have their full name and address published at the Arana Hills Library and in The Hills Echo, but this is only distributed locally. Phone numbers and email addresses provided by you are only made available to Committee members.

The categories for this year's competition are:

The Edible Garden category includes vegetable gardens, herb gardens and fruit trees.

Residents can only enter their front garden OR their back garden OR both, as they are each in a different prize category. You must enter both your front and back garden to be eligible for the Residential prize category. The judges will determine whether the garden is residential or acreage, and/or native.

We've added a non-residential section this year which we hope to be able to expand in future. It includes Schools and Kindys.

The judging criteria for each category are shown here.


Links to selected gardening websites:
http://www.abc.net.au/gardening   Gardening Australia
http://www.calyx.com.au               Qld Garden Competitions
http://www.annettemcfarlane.com  Annette McFarlane, Grovely TAFE
http://rhsv.org.au                        Royal Horticultural Society of Victoria
http://www.opengarden.org.au      Open Garden Scheme (now concluded)

Click on the links below to the photos for your suburb of choice:

Arana Hills

Everton Hills

Ferny Hills




Arana Hills Gardens

Williams Garden - First, New Entry; Third, Residential

Langdon Garden - Meritorious

Bullimore Garden - First, Backyard

Stapleton Garden - Second, Edible; Third, Backyard

Webster Garden - Third, Edible

Chilcott Garden - First, Edible

Steer Garden - First, Waterwise

Horton Garden - Second, Waterwise

Moffat Garden - Meritorious


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Everton Hills Gardens

Hossinger Garden - Grand Champion; First, Residential

Quirk Garden - Second, Backyard

Wakeling Garden - Third, Front Yard


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Ferny Hills Gardens

Hildebrand Garden - Meritorious

Ellis Garden - President's Trophy; Second, Residential

Ellerman Garden - First, Front Yard

Jonsson Garden - Third, Waterwise; Second, Front Yard

Dallinger Garden - Meritorious

Miller Garden - Meritorious



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Bunya Gardens

Scanlon Garden - Meritorious

Cross Garden - Second, Acreage; Third, New Entry

Oliver Garden - First, Acreage; Second, New Entry


Harvey Garden - Third, Acreage


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Hills Organic Gardeners

Birralee Child Care Centre


C & K Early Childhood Centre


Pine Community School


Ferny Hills State School





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